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8 Reasons Why PPC Management Services are Worth Every Penny

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the most powerful and effective ways to compete for your share of the online market. And with nearly 2.5 billion people using the World Wide Web, it’s a global marketplace that no business can afford to miss out on. When you need to stand out in such a busy virtual arena, PPC cannot be overlooked. Before we look at the reasons why a PPC management service is the best option, we answer the question: 

What is PPC?

Pay per click advertising is exactly that: payment for every ‘click’ your advert receives. From Google Ads to Facebook Ads, PPC is justifiably a firm favourite for entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide. With the right approach, PPC can prove a fast and cost-effective way to drive relevant traffic to your website.

However, without ample time and the know-how needed to run a PPC campaign, it can become time-consuming, inefficient and a waste of money. Outsoaring this task to a professional can help you avoid the potential pitfalls and take advantage of all the benefits PPC offers.

If you are considering investment in a PPC campaign, here are 8 reasons why PPC management services are worth every penny:

1. Initial Consultation and Tailored PPC Campaigns

A PPC Manager will begin with an initial consultation in which you have the opportunity to define your business, your products or services, and the market you are targeting. Once they know what you want to achieve, your PPC Manager will set realistic targets. As a result, your PPC campaign will be expertly crafted to your business and goals. 

2. Extensive Keyword Research Expertise

The key to a successful, cost-effective PPC campaign is to turn clicks into sales. We all want more website visitors, but it’s a waste of money if they reach your website because your advert is misleading. If you use the wrong keywords and phrases in your advert, you could miss your target market. To maximise your return on investment, you will need to target relevant search terms. A PPC Manager will conduct extensive keyword research on your behalf, finding those optimum high traffic, low competition keywords to enhance your advertising.

3. Finding the Time

Setting up and managing an account or multiple accounts can be time consuming, especially for those unaccustomed to online advertising. Worst of all, PPC is constantly changing – merely keeping up with the constant updates and developments in itself can be troublesome. Using PPC management services will allow you to proceed with day-to-day business with the reassurance that your marketing campaign is in safe, knowledgably hands.

4. Analysis and Adaptation

A lack of attention to statistics and data is often the root cause of a failed PPC campaign. However, analysis from an expert eye will highlight the parts of your campaign which work and those which need to be improved and developed.

5. Comprehensible Reporting

To keep you updated on your campaign’s progress a PPC Manager will periodically report their findings to you. Subsequently, you can keep your finger on the pulse, justify advertising spend with the powers that be, and also make informed decisions about the direction your PPC campaign takes. Best yet, the report will cut straight to the heart of what is and isn’t important, so you don’t have to spend hours interpreting and examining data.  

6. Bid Management

To start your pay per click advertising, you’ll need to set your budget and manage your bids. Skilled PPC Managers are able to reduce the amount you have to pay per click - meaning you’ll see more qualified leads in return for a lower advertising spend. The more popular the keyword, the more expensive the bid. Without sufficient experience you may miss out on valuable opportunities.

7. Conversion Tracking

A ‘conversion’ is the action you want to be fulfilled once your advert has been clicked. Do you want your click to translate into sales of a specific product, newsletter sign-ups or Facebook page ‘likes’? By tracking and reviewing conversions, a PPC Manager can adapt your advertising according to successes and failures.

8. Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation

A PPC Manager can continue monitoring and evaluating your efforts, leaving you free to shape the vision behind your campaigns. As your business evolves and the market changes, a PPC Manager can suggest changes and improvements - resulting in maximum return on investment and a contribution to your bottom line.

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